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Probate Wills & Estate


Probate is the Court procedure for formal approval of a will by the Court as the valid last will of the deceased and formal confirmation by the Court of the appointment of the person who will act as the executor of the estate.

It is important to note that a will does not preclude the need for probate. Whether or not your loved one’s estate needs to go through the probate process depends on what assets were owned by the deceased, and how they were owned.

It might also be prudent to put an estate through the probate process if estate litigation is foreseeable.

At BSA Law Firm we provide the right legal advice to our clients to confirm if the Estate of the deceased needs to go through the probate and assist the clients every step of the way through the Probate process.

Wills & Estates

Everyone likes to be control of their own affairs during their lifetime. However, lack of Estate planning can lead to unforeseen consequences and burden of expensive tax bill and or litigation on your loved ones after your lifetime.

Every adult should have a will. You must absolutely make a will if one of the following applies to you:

  • If you are recently married
  • If you are separated and not divorced.
  • If you are living in common law and not legally married.

To help you achieve your goals, we at BSA Law provide legal advice on a variety of legal issues regarding estate matters such as trusts, wills, joint ownership and life insurance arrangements.

Power of Attorney

A person is held to be incapable to manage property if the person is unable to understand the decisions about the management of his property or appreciate the consequences of a decision or lack of decision.

Only Power of Attorney that is ‘continuing’ may be exercised by the attorney if the grantor has lost capacity. Regular power of attorney that are not continuing Power of Attorney cannot be used if the grantor is incapable.

Whether you have a family member with a disability or special needs, or you want to plan for your own mental or legal incapacity, we are proud to be your trusted legal advisor.